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Connecting school to the world of work

Job trends indicate that eight of the top ten careers in Canada (based on wage and employment growth, and demand) are related to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), yet less than 50% of high school graduates complete senior level math and sciences courses. Employer Connections is a pilot program that facilitates collaboration between educators and employers with an aim to help Ottawa high school students: understand the job market, develop skills that match employers’ needs, and make informed education and career choices. Employer Connections will also bring STEM-related (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) experiential learning activities into classrooms to inspire students to continue senior level studies in STEM. 

World of Choices

World of Choices offers students the unique opportunity to engage in small group discussions with local employers in a round table career forum. Students will be exposed to a variety of careers and will learn about the education and qualifications necessary to pursue career paths of interest. Students will leave this forum informed and excited about their future; and better equipped to meet the challenges of today’s workforce.

Our first World of Choices event will take place on Tuesday, March 7th and will give 200 students from all four Ottawa school boards the opportunity to explore a variety of career paths. 

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