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Find Your Path With Math!

This blog post was written in collaboration with GAPC.

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Math is all around us—not just in the classroom! There are so many ways that children and teens can informally discover and enjoy mathematics, and understand how it relates to everyday life and future careers.

Whether you’re a student, parent or educator, Parent Engagement offers resources to facilitate math learning and help parents participate in their kids’ education. The user-friendly website features toolkits and resources that make learning interactive—and fun. The informative site includes Math Storytime, an app for children aged 5 to 7 that integrates math through storytelling in a concrete way. It’s never too early to begin learning math!

The site also features resources that aim to inspire a love for math, and a tool to help high school students navigate their career options. Check out the Parent Engagement website for more resources that’ll make learning math enjoyable!

As we begin the 2018-19 school year, Ottawa Volunteers in Education is seeking a variety of volunteers, especially those with a penchant for math. Currently, only 29 schools out of 158 in the OCDSB have math volunteers. With your help, we can increase that number and reach more students. Math tutors with the Ottawa Volunteers in Education program have the longest retention rate; once they sign up, they’re hooked!

Take it from Clyde, one of our long-time math tutors: “I love helping people learn. Tutoring math is similar to coaching basketball: You have to break down the complex skills into smaller components and put them together slowly, building confidence in each step. At the beginning students were turned off math because they weren’t experiencing success. But with a bit of self-confidence, away they go!”

Sign up for our next volunteer training session today. We’ll see you in the classroom!

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