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Helping kids learn, dream, and achieve.

giving catalogue

Our Giving Catalogue offers a variety of gifts for you to choose from that have immediate and measurable impacts, right here in your community. Your generous support of ONFE helps us reach students in all four Ottawa school boards.


Your donations are so valuable to ONFE. Discover how your gift could put a smile on a child’s face.

$25 places a volunteer in a classroom for 40 hours.

Each year, we place close to 1,500 volunteers in 150 Ottawa schools. These volunteers support Ottawa students in literacy, arts, languages, financial literacy and special education.

$100 buys program materials for one garden unit for a year.

Throughout the school year, and even through winter, students grow plants from seed, and learn about plant life-cycles, nutrition, and entrepreneurship. Students even get to to eat the food they grow!

$250 provides training for 25 volunteers.

Every volunteer has something special to offer. Research shows that students benefit from the attention of a caring adult.

$50 allows 1 volunteer to support up to 10 students weekly.

Approximately 15% of students in every Ottawa classroom have learning challenges, and may be at risk of falling behind their peers. Volunteers have a direct impact in Ottawa classrooms.

$190 feeds one child for the school year.

By starting the day with a healthy meal, we’re giving our children and youth the tools they need to achieve their dreams.

$500 teaches 16 middle school students about financial skills.

JA programs teach entrepreneurship, financial literacy and work readiness skills by giving students real-world tasks like goal-setting and building a personal budget.

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Thanks to your generous donations, we:

serve 2.5 million breakfasts;

train 2,000 volunteers;

teach 2,000 children to grow their own food;

give free substance abuse support to 1,400 students;

teach 7,000 students about entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills.

Every year.