teacher gifts

Here at ONFE, we know that educators are essential to providing our children and youth the tools they need to thrive in and out of school. This spring, we are extending our gratitude to them with our teacher gifts! When you support ONFE’s work, you’re directly supporting Ottawa teachers in all four Ottawa school boards.

Make a gift, then thank a teacher for his or her incredible work!

$20 gives children the chance to start their day ready to learn.

Teacher and School Breakfast Program monitor at Le Phare Elementary School: “The School Breakfast Program not only provides food to tummies in need, but it teaches students how to make healthy food choices, and fosters a sense of community in the school. Parents, teachers, students and community members work together to keep the program running, which models both work ethic and kindness to students.”

$20 provides literacy support to 20 primary students.

Sheila Jenkins, OttawaReads founder: “Literacy is a cornerstone of a person’s success. A donation to ONFE is a donation to building our community. Programs provide children with the building blocks to allow them to be contributing members of society. We are building success and what can be more important?”

$20 teaches entrepreneurship, financial literacy and work readiness skills to students.

Negin, teacher at Adrienne Clarkson Elementary School: “JA is a highly engaging and motivating program. Our students loved this full day immersion with numbers, financing and creative entrepreneurial ideas.”

$20 places a volunteer in a classroom for over 30 hours.

Jessica, kindergarten teacher at General Vanier Public School: “OttawaReads volunteers connect with each child individually as they read them a story and listen to their ideas. We are so appreciative of the time they take to come to our school to help our students develop a lifelong love of reading.”

$20 trains 3 volunteers.

Julia Coe, teacher at the Developmental Disabilities Program at Bell High School: “They do amazing things. Volunteers make a huge difference.”

$20 helps shape our leaders of tomorrow.

Mr. Storms, teacher at Stonecrest Elementary School: “JA Be Entrepreneurial definitely reached out to many of my kids. I had some asking to do more activities later this year. Some are talking about creating a business in the future. Volunteers were very positive and patient, and kept the kids engaged.”

$20 feeds 1 student for a month.

Bev, teacher at Ridgemont High School: “Many teachers enjoy the program, which means that they also advertise and set an example for the students of healthy eating and healthy ideas. We see a big difference in the students.”

$20 supports Ottawa students for a full day of learning.

Heather, kindergarten teacher at Riverview Alternative: “Volunteers are totally invaluable. I couldn’t do my job without them. Teaching is the best job in the world, but it’s a lot of work.”

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