Students who have a positive experience in school are more likely to complete high school and pursue post-secondary studies. You could be the positive influence that has a lasting impact on a child.

At the Ottawa Network for Education, we want to get acquainted with our volunteers and understand their motivation for volunteering. This helps us design a volunteer placement that matches each volunteer’s interests, and meets the needs of local students. There are many ways to get involved with ONFE.

Why Volunteer with ONFE?

Help students succeed in school

Our Ottawa Volunteers in Education Program brings caring adults into classrooms to help students acquire skills, understand new concepts, close learning gaps, and gain self-confidence. Volunteers in our OttawaReads program read aloud to young students in a one-to-one setting to support the acquisition of early literacy skills, and the progression of essential reading and language skills.

Ensure kids are nourished for the day

Our School Breakfast Program provides 13,500 students in 189 schools with a healthy breakfast each and every school day. School Breakfast volunteers assist with a variety of essential tasks, like food preparation, breakfast service, and more. In time, they become trusted, important adults in the lives of many students – and in return, benefit from witnessing the positive impact their volunteerism has on student health, well-being, and learning.

Help youth prepare for the future

JA Ottawa brings volunteers from the community and business sectors into grade 5 to 12 classrooms to teach financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurial skills. These volunteers guide students through real-world tasks like creating a budget, managing finances, exploring interests and career pathways, and working with a team to start a small business. Many volunteers tell us that the time they spent in school interacting with kids was the best part of their week.

Volunteer Story

Mrs. Boles-Wilson’s kindergarten classroom at Elgin Street Public School is a model of teamwork between the students and the adults who support them. Mrs. BW is a 32-year veteran educator who oversees a very busy classroom of kindergartners, university student teachers, youth care college students, an early childhood educator, an educational assistant, a lunch monitor, and classroom volunteers.

Mrs. BW realizes the importance of taking a teamwork approach to meet the needs of all children in her class. “The students’ needs are many and I appreciate the support from caring volunteers who can offer quality one-to-one time with my students... Educating children takes teamwork.

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A child is waiting for a volunteer with your skills.

Do you have a knack for connecting with children or youth? We recruit, screen and train hundreds of individuals each year. Join us today!