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JA Ottawa Volunteer Spotlight: Jordan Vecchio

Jordan Vecchio

Our fourth 2023 volunteer spotlight features JA Ottawa alumnus and volunteer, Jordan Vecchio.

“In 2018, Jordan was recognized as the JA Achiever of the Year.  He was recognized for his leadership, dedication and indominable spirit.  A true ambassador for the program, Jordan has always stepped up when we’ve asked. He’s been a JA mentor, a panel speaker and even appeared on radio to promote JA.  He’s an allstar and we are so grateful for Jordan’s continued enthusiastic support!” – Albert Wong, Director of JA Ottawa

Read on to learn more about Jordan and why he decided to become a volunteer.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I was born and raised in the Ottawa area, along with my two younger siblings Alexa and Cameron. I attended St. Mother Teresa High School, where I participated in various school activities such as theatre and student council. I recently completed my Bachelor’s of Communication and Media Studies and a minor in Business at Carleton University. In my spare time, I enjoy being involved in politics and contributing to political campaigns, volunteering in the community, and spending time with friends and family, including my dog, Henry.

What made you decide to volunteer with the JA program?

The Junior Achievement program is a portion of my high school experience that I will never forget. It shaped me into the person that I am today. Specifically, the program allowed me to reevaluate the path I was going to take as I moved into my university career. The JA program also gave me the skills to start my own business, and this really made entrepreneurship a valid career option in my mind. This is what made me volunteer with the JA program. I want to share the skills I learned through this program with students because I now see these skills as an asset to one’s success outside the classroom walls.

Who was your favourite teacher, and why?

This is a tough question for me to answer, as I have had many favourite teachers throughout my educational journey, and it would be hard to pick just one, so I will name a few: Erin Byrne, Joe Diffey, Taryn Earle, Lindsay Laviolette, Sally Morency, Amanda Pari, Michael Rowley, Michelle O’Sullivan, and Caitlin Villeneuve. Each one of these teachers contributed so much to my enjoyment and success in high school by supporting me in my academics or otherwise, helping me overcome challenges, and being a pillar during my four years there.

What is your personal philosophy on life?

My philosophy in life is to always be open and receptive to new opportunities that come your way. I’ve been able to participate in numerous exciting and different things because I’ve kept an open mind, and I’ve met so many interesting and amazing people through these new things. It’s allowed me to explore new avenues, gain new life experiences and lessons, and broaden my horizons.

If you could go back to a particular grade level or childhood age, which would it be and why?

I would definitely go back to my grade 12 year. That was my favourite year of high school. For me, that was a time when I found my path, and I really feel like that was the point where I became the person I am today. I truly discovered my love for business and public service in my grade 12 year. Participating in the JA program, as well as serving as Co-President of St. Mother Teresa’s Student Council, are two of the main reasons I love what I do today.

What is your favourite hidden gem in Ottawa?

La Roma on Preston in Little Italy is one of my favourite restaurants in the city. As an Italian, it’s always nice to find great Italian restaurants in the city.

Tell us about a lesson you learned this year. What did it teach you about yourself?

I learned a lot about resilience this year. It has taught me how to overcome losses, challenges, and hurdles that have been thrown my way. Resiliency has helped me get through a lot of the challenging times in the past couple of years and has been instrumentally crucial to my success.

If you are interested in volunteering with JA Ottawa, please visit our program page.

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