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JA Volunteer Spotlight: Christine Pothier

Our second 2022 volunteer spotlight features Christine Pothier! Read on to learn more about Christine and why she decided to become a volunteer in our JA Ottawa program.

Quote about Christine:

“Christine graciously volunteered to help JA with our stakeholder engagement and communications strategy. She also helped find efficiencies in our work processes (process mapping and gap identification). Christine has also joined us in a session with a Better Impact account manager/trainer. It means so much to have someone of Christine’s abilities to help move our mission forward.” — Albert Wong, Director of JA Ottawa

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m from a rural community in Northern Ontario; the product of a French-Canadian farming family. I’m a recent addition to Ottawa’s community of entrepreneurs, building a consultancy focused on organizational culture. When I’m not elbows deep in paint and glue with my three young daughters, I can be found at my sewing machine, on my yoga mat, or in my running shoes.   

2. What made you decide to volunteer with JA Ottawa?

Honestly, Albert’s leadership and vision. His commitment and enthusiasm for JA is infectious.    

3. Who was your favourite teacher and why?

Mme Lapointe, my grade 4 teacher. She was tough but fair. She made clear what she expected of us and she helped us meet those expectations.   

4. What is your personal philosophy on life?  

I’ve come to believe everyone is just trying to do the best they can. It’s difficult to judge others when you look at them through this lens.  

5. If you could go back to a particular grade level or childhood age, which would it be and why?

Grade 4 and 5 because I lived in a forest by a lake. I spent my time climbing trees, building forts, swimming in the summer, and skating in the winter. My very own forest school. 

6. What is your favorite hidden gem in Ottawa?

The NAC’s French theater series for kids. We’ve attended most of their productions and after each one, I walk away mind blown. Sure, it’s for kids, but each story has a moral or a point of view communicated in the most fantastical, wondrous, and bizarre way.    

7. Tell us about a lesson you learned this year. What did it teach you about yourself?

I recently read that those of us who have the basics can improve our wellbeing by taking a different path: earn less, spend less, emit and degrade less. The more time we have, the better the quality of life, the easier it is to live sustainably. As I make changes to my work life, I’m learning this is true. 

If you are interested in volunteering with ONFE’s JA Ottawa program, please visit our program page.

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