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More than just a hockey team: The Ottawa Senators Foundation supports ONFE’s School Breakfast Program


It’s the month of love, and we are celebrating our amazing donors. From individuals who give what they can when they can, to monthly donors, to businesses and foundations, every donor is a part of making it possible for us to reach 81% of Ottawa public schools.


Today we’re celebrating the Ottawa Senators Foundation. This fall, in partnership with 24h Tremblant, they made a $50,000 contribution to ONFE’s School Breakfast Program! This is a huge help to the program, which serves 13,500 nutritious meals every single school day.


“We’re more than just a hockey team. We care about the community, and want to give back to the community, and that’s what it’s about,” says Chris Neil, Ottawa Senators Alumni. He and Sparty visited Severn Avenue Public School to share the news about the amazing Ottawa Senators Foundation donation. After breakfast, Sparty took a tour of the school to visit other students – it was a very exciting morning for the kids at Severn!


Rian Johnson, the principal at Severn, was one of many who donned their Sens jerseys for the event.


“We not only focus on the learning for students, we focus on their well-being, and to be able to provide breakfast for our students so that we take care of their basic needs… it completely changes their whole day for the better.”


In the run of one school year, our School Breakfast Program serves 2.5 million nutritious meals across the City of Ottawa. These meals are offered to students with no questions asked, so that we can ensure that all children and youth can start the school day on equal footing with their peers.


“The Ottawa Senators Foundation is all about recreation, and healthy body and healthy mind,” says Barry Sellers. “This contribution allows us to positively impact kids in all three of those areas.”


We are so happy to have the Ottawa Senators Foundation involved in our School Breakfast Program. Judging by the many faces that lit up during the school visit, the kids are pretty happy too!


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