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ONFE’s Volunteers in Education Spotlight: Anne Brouillard

Anne Brouillard with her husband and 4 grandchildren


The Ottawa Network for Education – Volunteers in Education program (VIE) is incredibly fortunate to have a diverse team of compassionate, caring volunteers who bring a range of backgrounds and skills to their respective roles supporting students and teachers within the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board.


Behind the scenes of VIE, there is someone who for the past twenty years has been a driving force in logistically managing on average 1,300 volunteers per year. She has diligently screened, recruited and placed thousands of volunteers into roles supporting students and teachers. ONFE staff and volunteers appreciate her kindness and sense of humour. She is a consummate professional, organized and incredibly hardworking. We’d like to introduce you to ONFE’s Volunteers in Education Program Coordinator, Anne Brouillard.



Tell us a little bit about yourself…


I’m proud to hold the title of Program Coordinator of Volunteers in Education for the last 18 years. I started my journey in 2000 as part of the OCRI team working with the TalentWorks Program.


On a personal note, I’ve been living in Ottawa for the last 38 years and have been with my husband Pascal for 41 years.  We live just outside Carp on a 4-acre lot in a modest bungalow that Pascal built for the family 33 years ago.  We have two sons (Daniel and Mathieu) who are now married with 2 children each.


As a family, we all enjoy the outdoors and camping. ‘My boys’ especially like fishing and hunting, and I totally enjoy cooking while listening to my French music. My favourite cuisine is Italian, especially pasta. Pascal and I take a lot of pleasure in travelling. We have visited many countries, Portugal being my favourite country and the most interesting places so far for me are Pompeii (Naples) and Rome, Italy. More travelling plans are on the agenda when we can start travelling safely again.


As of November 2020, you have worked for the Ottawa Network for Education for the past 20 years! What are some of your favorite highlights?


During my role as Program Coordinator I have had many highlights. The most important highlight for me is always on-going, and it remains to be ‘successfully’ arranging for a volunteer placement for students who need the extra support!


What do you do when you aren’t working? 


When I’m not a work I like to spend time with my family. I always look forward to our family dinners to be able to spend valuable time with my kids, my two daughters-in-law, and my 4 precious grandchildren. In addition, I’m a keen walker and enjoy the outdoors very much especially during the fall, my favorite season.


What is your personal philosophy on life?


My personal philosophy continues to somewhat change as I get older. However, despite that, I truly believe that we shouldn’t judge people for the choices they make in life, and that we should carry out what we want with our own lives as long as it makes us ‘happy’ and causes no harm to others.


If you had a time machine, what year would you travel to and why?


I would travel to the mid-1970’s, the ‘disco years’ — what a blast that was!


For 24 hours, you can steal credit for any great piece of art, song, film, book etc. Which one would you claim? 


Any movie with Robert Redford!  Once upon a time, he was my favourite handsome actor!


What is your favorite hidden gem in Ottawa? 


Since living in Ottawa, my husband and I enjoy dining out at Cabotto’s in Stittsville (our special spot!)



If you are interested in volunteering with ONFE Volunteers in Education, please visit:


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