Our Work

Discover how ONFE programs are addressing critical issues in our schools, removing barriers to learning, supporting student well-being, and boosting student success.

The Ottawa Network for Education partners with all four school boards and works side-by-side with teachers to meet the complex needs of our children and youth in both English and French. No other community organization has the same reach and ability to deliver much-needed programs to schools across the region.


As many as 15% of local students have learning challenges, and up to 22% of Ottawa students are immigrants or new English language learners. We strive to remove barriers to learning by matching trained volunteers with teachers and students that need extra help.

Ottawa Volunteers in Education

We bring volunteers from the community into classrooms to support students that are falling behind their peers. Our volunteers help K-12 students acquire skills, understand new concepts, close learning gaps, and gain self-confidence.


OttawaReads is an early literacy program that inspires a love of reading in young children. Volunteers read aloud in a one-to-one setting to boost reading and language skills, and demonstrate that reading is fun.

Assistive Technology Support

Our Assistive Technology website is a portal for learning about technology-based tools that can help students with critical tasks like reading, writing, time management and studying.

Health & Well-being

There is a direct correlation between the health and well-being of children and youth, and their ability to learn and succeed in school. At ONFE, we identify and provide solutions to serious problems that affect wellness and academic achievement, including student hunger, inadequate nutrition and drug and alcohol addiction.

School Breakfast Program

Every morning, before the school day begins, the School Breakfast Program provides students in need with a nutritious breakfast, giving them the chance to start their day ready to learn and on equal footing with peers.

Classroom Gardens

Classroom Gardens brings indoor gardening into Ottawa classrooms. Throughout the school year, and even through the winter months, young students grow vegetables from seed and learn in a hands-on way about plants, nutrition, healthy eating, and entrepreneurship. Students have the opportunity to eat the food they grow, and share it with their friends, family, and the broader community.

Substance Abuse Support Program

Substance abuse is a serious problem in the grade 7 to 12 population. This program improves access to substance abuse education and provides critical school-based counselling to students and parents affected by drug or alcohol addiction.

Career Readiness

We strive to help secondary students make informed career choices and transition successfully to post-secondary studies and fulfilling careers. Our innovative programming helps students develop financial literacy, entrepreneurial thinking, and work readiness skills.

JA Ottawa

JA recruits volunteers from the business community to deliver programs and lead hands-on learning activities. JA teaches by giving students real-world tasks like creating a budget, managing finances, exploring interests and career pathways, and working with a team to start a small business.


ONFE's Coding initiative allows sector-specific industry speakers the opportunity to share with SHSM students how coding is used in their company, how it affects their daily work, and how their career is influenced by coding.

Want to Help Support Us?

There are many ways to get involved and support our work. You decide how. Volunteer, make a gift, plan an event, or sponsor a program - we'd love to explore the options with you.

Our Partners Get Things Done

Our partners play a pivotal role in enhancing public education in Ottawa. They volunteer. They donate. They work side-by-side with our staff and educators in all 4 school boards to ensure that students develop the skills, experience, and knowledge they need to succeed.