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Assistive technologies (AT) are devices or systems that help students – with many types of learning challenges – to absorb new information, acquire skills, communicate, or simply function better. They are designed to assist the user, to draw upon their strengths, and to work around their difficulties.

Finding the right match between AT tools and a child’s needs may take some work. Our websites are filled with helpful information however, these resources should not be considered a substitute for a full assessment by a qualified professional.

About the Program


Approximately 5-10% of Canadians have a learning disability that affects the way they take in, store, and use information. Learning disabilities come in many forms, but can be managed successfully by focusing on one’s strengths, and by finding an assistive technology device that supports your needs.


ONFE provides assistive technology support for students and educators in K-12 schools and for students transitioning to post-secondary studies. The site is packed with articles, videos, training modules and tips that inform parents, students and educators about computer-based tools that may help with reading, writing, time management, organization and other skills.


Identifying and using the right AT tool can help a student work more quickly and accurately, navigate classroom routines, become more productive, confident and independent, and reach his or her full potential.

Explore Assistive Technologies

Computer-based assistive technologies (AT) are being used successfully within the education system to support the learning process. As is the case with any new process or software, however, there is a significant learning curve for new users of these tools. We hope the resources on this website will help you explore the capabilities of AT and make implementation as smooth as possible.

Students, post-secondary students, teachers and parents are partners in the learning process, and trained volunteers can be an important source of added support in the classroom. Please explore our assistive technologies content, where you will find customized videos and resources for each of these audiences.

The ultimate goal of ONFE’s Assistive Technology Support Initiative is to achieve synergy with the formal education system in order to enhance the academic success of students using computer-based AT for their school work. The resources developed as part of this project are fully accessible and bilingual, and were developed in close collaboration with our four local school boards, learning disability associations and other experts.

Postsecondary Students

Preparing for college or university? Are you a postsecondary student?

Visit our resources and tips to help you get ready for the transition from high school to postsecondary education. Then visit our postsecondary section to learn about tools and strategies that can help with everyday tasks from reading to planning and studying. Our videos include tips on using tools you may already have – like smartphones and other handheld devices.


Assistive technology allows all students the opportunity to reach their full potential. Educators in Ottawa have worked hard to create videos, training, and other resources to help you learn about computer-based tools to help you with reading, writing and other school work. Review the student section of the AT website to learn more about assistive technology, learning strategies and much more!

Parents and Caregivers

ONFE has created several videos, training, and other resources to help you learn about computer-based tools so you can help your child with reading, writing and other school work. Review the videos in the Student section and the Parent section of the AT website to learn more about assistive technology, learning strategies and much more!

Teachers and Volunteers

As educators, you have both a desire and obligation to provide students of all abilities with unrestricted access to the curriculum, and for many students, assistive technologies (AT) are an essential tool for doing so. It is with that goal in mind that we have created this Teacher section for you.  Volunteers play an important role of supporting students using AT. Learn more how you can help by visiting the Volunteer section.

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