Coding with ONFE

Bringing industry knowledge to Ottawa youth

ONFE brings together industry and the education community to engage students in a meaningful way. Our Coding initiative allows sector-specific industry speakers the opportunity to share with SHSM students how coding is used in their company, how it affects their daily work, and how their career is influenced by coding. In addition, the speaker may discuss their own career path, to broaden the students’ notions of what a career in that sector is like.

ONFE coordinates with school board administrators and teachers in bringing SHSM students to Coding sessions, to ensure a quality student environment, and to follow up with student feedback in making each Coding student session engaging, relevant, and at an appropriate level.
Designed by ONFE, this self-guided Coding program is built around a six hour session, which includes an industry speaker, videos, student instruction time, student design and creation of mobile apps.

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