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Leadership is more than meets the eye.

JA Ottawa is known for creating Ottawa’s future entrepreneurs. We also create our future financially literate citizens, managers, and problem solvers.  

We create the next generation of community leaders: youth who are ready to act on their dreams and achieve their highest potential, regardless of career path. 

In the past 7 years, JA Ottawa has inspired over 42,000 K-12 students in Ottawa to explore career pathways, make better financial decisions, and take on the world with an entrepreneurial mindset. Because every child should have the opportunity to thrive. 

Ready to participate.
Ready to collaborate.
Ready to be mentored.
Ready to work.
Ready to succeed.
Ready to grow.
Ready to be a leader.

Children with JA completion certificates
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In order to make our powerful programming available to all students regardless of background, JA Ottawa takes place in classrooms at no charge to students or educators. JA Ottawa is run by a dedicated team of staff who manage programs and recruit, screen, and train hundreds of volunteers. 

We must fundraise $350,000 each year to maintain our current JA Ottawa programming. There is a great demand for this program in schools, and we have been stretched to the seams trying to bring this program to as many children and youth as possible. The demand for funds to maintain and grow our programming is great.  

Every child should have the opportunity to thrive.

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