JA Company is a four-month program that supports high school students in starting their own business. With guidance from volunteer mentors from the business community, the teams build their own start-up from the ground up.

JA Companies Review

Meet our Companies! In 15 weeks, they created, produced, marketed, sold and dissolved their companies, learning about business, our community, teamwork, problem solving, leadership and many other soft skills that will serve them well in the future. Well done to all!

Spring 2021 JA Companies!


Battle Bucks logo

To create and foster social ties within the community through friendly virtual e-sport competitions.


beeco logo

We sell an eco-friendly substitute to plastic packaging, while devoting our company to saving the bees.


Cardinall logo

Delivering Smiles, Creating Community And Bridging Gaps Caused During The Pandemic.


Coastify logo

To improve the quality of life of those around us by creating meaningful handcrafted coasters.


Generocity logo

GenerOcity is an initiative to bring joy to our local community through selfless acts

Glued Paper

Glued Paper logo

Glued Paper aims to support the local community and inspire creativity through our love of art.


Hopevision logo

We make handmade bracelets which all represent different humanitarian causes.

Students to Students Publishing

Students 2 Students logo

We seek to help other High Schoolers by sharing our experiences.


We are a student run online tutoring company aiming to help students attain greater academic success


Vesta’s ambition to facilitate everyday tasks through technology helps connect our communities.


Yoso seeks to create clean and simple hoodies that are truly one of a kind.

Spring 2022 JA Companies!

Athena Essentials

Athena Essentials logo

Athena Essentials is an ethical, student-run aromatherapy company based in Ottawa, Ontario. Athena Essentials offers an assorted variety of aromatherapy room and linen sprays.  

Basic Solutions

Basic Solutions logo

We’re a soap company that empowers everyone by assisting in raising self-confidence and personal growth. 

Cosmic Candles Canada

Cosmic Candles Canada logo

We at Cosmic Candles Canada want to produce candles with reduced plastic waste by using biodegradable wrapping. Our goal is to protect our water systems so that everyone can have access to clean drinking water. 


Custo Case logo

To customize your reading experience 

Our company revolves primarily around personalizing your phone cases and giving you customized bookmarks. 

Custom Mugs Ottawa

Custom Mugs Ottawa logo

Your Mug, Your Design 

We design all mugs by hand with whatever logo or image you want on it! 


daBALMM logo

Smell Your Way to Calm 

Premium Handcrafted Soy Wax Essential Oil sachets, balms and giftware.

Expawdition Totes

Expawdition Totes logo

Explore you own animal story with student made tote bags. 

We strive to support and bring awareness to endangered animals while offering high-quality, animal-themed tote bags to students, made by students. 


Floraa logo

Floraa for the environment! 

Floraa offers natural beauty products while minimizing plastic waste. From creation to consumption of the product, Floraa relies on sustainable development, the well-being of its customers and ‘eco-responsibility. 

Günk Co

Günk Co logo

Ooze for all occasions! 

The mission of Günk Co is to improve the quality of life of those around us through products that create feelings of nostalgia and comfort 


Hand-made Macrame by students 

Savon D’hiver

Savon_Dhiver logo

Our goal as a company is to provide our customers with an alternative soap that is entirely homemade, 100% vegan and animal-cruelty-free at a reasonable price. 

SprayGo ShoeCo

SprayGo ShoeCo logo

Ready, Spray, GO! 

Our brand, Spray Go Shoe Company is a student-run business that provides our customers with a more eco-friendly, high-value, fast and effective shoe cleaning kit at a fair and competitive price. 

Stick to It

Stick To It logo

Stay Safe 

Stick To It is a student-run company that focuses on promoting health and safety in the local community by creating safety reminders through stylish and colourful stickers. 

The Perfect Fit

The Perfect Fit logo

Find the PERFECT shirt for YOU! 

Thank you to our JA Company community partners including:

ONFE, ROPE, Ottawa Network for Education, charity, not for profit, fundraising, The Counselling Foundation of Canada
Rogers logo
Ottawa Community Foundation logo
Telfer logo

“Unlike at school, where you are provided with materials, taught a lesson, and given time to study; JA puts you in situations that make you think and act on your feet. You are tested first, and then you learn from your failures or your successes.”

~ Khadeer, JA Company participant and award winner

Spark the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Youth

Help students connect classroom learning with real-world problems and issues. Your investment will inspire students to develop needed soft skills for tomorrow’s careers and help foster a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in our K-12 schools.

Volunteer with JA Ottawa

You can help us develop tomorrow’s leaders! Our volunteers teach JA curriculum and lead students through interactive learning activities, while sharing personal work-related experiences and knowledge. You can boost your company’s profile, develop your leadership and communication skills, and have a great deal of fun.