Programs Available for Grades 5 to 8

JA Be Entrepreneurial Junior

This is an interactive one-day program that introduces grade 5 & 6 students to the fundamentals of starting a business and the opportunities and challenges of being an entrepreneur. Using key entrepreneurial concepts – including product development, service, competitive advantage, and target market – students develop an understanding of how businesses thrive.

Workshop dates: Upon Educator Request

JA Economics for Success

This empowering one-day program introduces grade 8 students to the concepts of financial literacy, challenges them to reflect on their personal goals, and emphasizes the advantage of staying in school to achieve long-term success. Students participate in hands-on activities such as developing personal and professional goals, preparing a personal budget, role playing various networking and interview scenarios, and learning about career choices.

Workshop dates: Upon Educator Request


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If you would like to empower the future by volunteering with JA Ottawa (Grade 5-8), contact Rebecca Kaell, JA Program Manager

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Programs Available for Grades 9 to 12

JA Company

This 15-week program gives students from grade 9-12 the opportunity to learn business fundamentals and the art of entrepreneurship through hands-on tasks, as they work together to develop a student-led company. JA Company provides students with valuable life-skills, work experience, and knowledge JA Company can be curriculum-linked to a high school business or leadership class, or it can be offered as an after-school program. Students in the program are mentored by experienced volunteers from Ottawa’s business, government and education sectors.


JA Be Entrepreneurial Senior

This half-day program for grades 9-12, facilitated by volunteers from Ottawa’s business sector, introduces high school students to entrepreneurial concepts including product, service, competitive advantage and target market. The program emphasizes the important role of planning when starting a new business.

Workshop dates: Upon Educator Request

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“Unlike at school, where you are provided with materials, taught a lesson, and given time to study; JA puts you in situations that make you think and act on your feet. You are tested first, and then you learn from your failures or your successes.”

~ Khadeer, JA Company participant and award winner

Spark the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Youth

Help students connect classroom learning with real-world problems and issues. Your investment will inspire students to develop needed soft skills for tomorrow’s careers and help foster a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in our K-12 schools.

Volunteer with JA Ottawa

You can help us develop tomorrow’s leaders! Our volunteers teach JA curriculum and lead students through interactive learning activities, while sharing personal work-related experiences and knowledge. You can boost your company’s profile, develop your leadership and communication skills, and have a great deal of fun.