JA Ottawa day programs bring volunteers into the classroom to teach financial literacy and share career knowledge. 

In addition, JA Digital Campus provides other online learning opportunities and resources for students. 

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we are able to provide all JA Ottawa programs free of charge.  

Our JA Day Programs

How It Works

Teachers can invite a virtual or in person volunteer into their classrooms. This volunteer will speak about one of the following programs as well as provide students with personalized anecdotes. These sessions are about 60-90 minute long. 

Invite one of our local, fully vetted volunteers into your classroom now! Contact Kristina Price at kprice@onfe-rope.ca.

Economics for Success

Grades 8

Help students prepare for the world of work and give them the financial tools they need to thrive. This program helps young learners develop a better understanding of life after high school and how to live independently. 

By participating in this program, middle school students will prepare for the world of work and give them the financial tools they need to thrive! 

Invite a virtual or in person volunteer now for your students to: 

  • Develop skills in critical thinking and problem solving 
  • Gain a better understanding of what life is like after high school 
  • Discover the real costs of living independently 
  • Develop strategies that help them achieve goals 

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Dollars with Sense

Grades 6-7 

JA’s Dollars with Sense is a program that helps young learners develop personal money management skills and apply them to their daily lives.  

Invite a virtual or in person volunteer now for your students to: 

  • Learn about a wide range of financial and money management concepts 
  • Discover how to protect money and recognize fraud 
  • Learn to make informed consumer decisions 
  • Understand a variety of investments and the benefits.

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Personal Finance

Help students learn vital personal money management skills like spending wisely, budgeting, saving, and using credit. 

Invite a virtual or in person volunteer now for your students to: 

  • Discover the importance of emergency savings funds and credit cards 
  • Learn how to manage finances at different stages of life 
  • Create a monthly budget 
  • Identify a good deal and make good decisions about credit cards and loans 

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World of Choices

JA World of Choices is a local experiential learning opportunity that virtually connects high school students with their community and the world of work. Career panelists working in a variety of sectors share their career pathways, information about their field of work, and help students explore the possibilities. These career exploration events can be targeted to a specific sector or SHSM upon request. For upcoming events, to organize a career exploration event for your school or for more information, contact Kristina Price, JA Program Manager, at kprice@onfe-rope.ca.

“JA puts you in situations that make you think and act on your feet. You are tested first, and then you learn from your failures or your successes.”

– Khadeer, JA Ottawa program participant 

Self-Directed Study

How It Works

Help students learn key money management and entrepreneurship skills with these online, student-led programs. 

These courses are designed for students to work through at their own pace. Students can register themselves, or be registered by a teacher or parent. 

Learn more about the courses offered.

For any logistical questions, please contact Kristina Price at kprice@onfe-rope.ca.

Instructions for Students to Access Self-Directed JA programs

  • Go to the JA Digital Campus at www.jacampus.org   
  • Click Sign Up if it’s your first visit or Login if you already have an account  

    Please note: If the student is under 13 years of age, a parent/guardian will have to provide an email address to create the account.