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Proud To Be Me Is Helping ONFE Remove Barriers to Learning

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To close off our February Love Campaign, we’re featuring the Proud To Be Me Foundation. Since 2016, the charitable organization has gifted $17,500 to ONFE’s Volunteers in Education initiative.

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Proud To Be Me’s financial support of ONFE has propelled our Ottawa Volunteers in Education program forward. Photo credit: Anne-Marie Bouchard Photography

As a not-for-profit charity, the Ottawa Network for Education (ONFE) collaborates with a number of community organizations, including the Proud To Be Me Foundation (PTBM), to deliver our programs. We spoke with Jody, Chief Operating Officer at PTBM, about our ongoing partnership: “Giving back to our community touches many people’s lives. It’s our mission to ignite change and positively impact the community by providing a renewed sense of hope.” It’s in this spirit of giving that PTBM has donated $17,500 to ONFE since 2016.

PTBM strives to improve youth programs and services, which is why partnering with ONFE is a natural fit. “Proud To Be Me is very proud of our affiliation with ONFE. ONFE programs are addressing critical issues and promoting change in our schools by removing barriers to learning and supporting student well-being and boosting their success. Every child is different and has complex needs.” We love working with caring community organizations like PTBM who directly make an impact on the lives of tomorrow’s leaders.

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“We wish more people knew these programs were available and that individuals and organizations in positions to contribute financially support the ongoing efforts by ONFE.” Jody, COO at PTBM Photo credit: Anne-Marie Bouchard Photography

When asked about the importance of ONFE, Jody is quick to point out that ONFE is a great addition to supporting the gaps our education system. “Children in our community and schools are in need of support and resources to ensure success. The resources provided through ONFE programs provide much-needed solutions to serious issues such as student hunger, inadequate nutrition, and drug and alcohol use. By improving their health, ONFE is giving youth of today a chance to succeed and become well-adjusted, successful adults who will contribute to our community tomorrow.” ONFE is so appreciative of PTBM’s financial support. 75% of volunteers and teachers surveyed with Volunteers in Education reported improvements in their students’ literacy, numeracy, language, self-esteem, confidence, and social skills because of the support they received from a volunteer.

As a leader at PTBM, a charitable organization, Jody understands the opportunities and challenges of the non-profit world. “Proud To Be Me is always concerned with the health and well-being of youth in our community. Our worry is that these resources don’t continue to get the funding and volunteers to continue this important work. These initiatives make a significant difference in the well-being, balance and readiness of students to transition successful to post-secondary studies and careers.”

Every year, ONFE reaches 75% of Ottawa schools through its many programs. ONFE needs to raise $1,000,000 from the local community annually to sustain essential programs for K-12 students in Ottawa. You can make a direct impact on the students in our community by becoming a monthly donor, partnering with us or planning an event on our behalf. Your donation will help a child eat, learn and succeed!

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