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Ridgemont High School Uses Creativity to Inspire Students to Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

To celebrate National Nutrition Month, we are spotlighting the outstanding work by a pair of Ridgemont High School teachers to deliver a fun School Breakfast Program.

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The School Breakfast Program team at Ridgemont has created an environment which fosters not just health, but creativity. Last month, they got into the Valentine’s Day spirit! Photo credit: Ridgemont High School

Every morning, Bev and Kim, teachers at Ridgemont, along with their terrific team of volunteers and breakfast monitors, set up a table near the bus stop and encourage students to grab a nutritious snack—chia seed puddings and fruits are especially popular!—to kickstart their day of learning. Afterwards, the School Breakfast Program crew visit classrooms to distribute healthy foods. Bev and Kim employ creativity to serve snacks and meals, swapping out sugar for healthier alternatives like honey and dates. (And the students love them!) The two have also incorporated many of the latest food trends, including plant-based foods and sugar-free foods, to make their program more enticing to teenagers.

Several teachers take part in the program by encouraging and cultivating an environment which promotes a healthy lifestyle. Bev emphasized the importance of teachers to the program: “Many teachers enjoy the program, which means that they also advertise and set an example for the students of healthy eating and healthy ideas.” Additionally, a number of youth give back to the program by volunteering: “The students have been awesome as volunteers and keep coming back to help out. One student has helped in the program and both gardens in the summer and throughout the year.”

ONFE, charity, Ottawa, Not for profit, SBP, education, snacks, ROPE, Reseaux D'Ottawa pour l'Education
Students can’t get enough of these delicious chia puddings with berries and coconut! The School Breakfast Program team also loves serving nourishing goodies like fruit smoothies. Photo credit: Ridgemont High School

During her five years with the program, Bev has observed that the team’s positive energy has made a difference; students are interested in trying new things, and even ask for recipes. Many of these students have even been inspired to expand their healthy living journey: “We see a big difference. Each of my classes for the last three years have been participating in the program and in the garden planting veggies and setting up the Garden Towers for ONFE’s Classroom Gardens program.”

The creativity showcased by Bev, Kim and the Ridgemont crew has had a clear impact on the youth at Ridgemont High. Your passion and originality are inspirational!


Every year, ONFE’s School Breakfast Program delivers an astounding 2.5 million meals to students of our community. We need to raise more than $500,000 each year to support this program. You can make a direct impact on the students in our community by becoming a monthly donorplanning an event on our behalf, or partnering with us. Your donation will help a child eat, learn and succeed!

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  1. Great to hear something positive and congratulations to the school for encouraging the programme!!I believe the teachers involved give a great deal of their time and effort ,not always common in this day and age.I wonder if Ford would give a donation!!!???I know I will ?????

  2. Thank you Bev and Kim and to all the Student Volunteers and Student Leaders at Ridgemont who participate in this program to make it a success! I am inspired!

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